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Morgana Celeste Painting

Morgana Celeste Painting

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pépite presents 'Things That Keep Me Up At Night', an exhibition by Melbourne artist Morgana Celeste.

Selected to be part of Craft Victoria's month-long festival 'Craft Contemporary', this exhibition will feature an entirely new body of work including paintings and sculptures created using an unconventional mix of materials such as recycled paper pulp, fine cement and high quality acrylic paint.

'Things That Keep Me Up At Night' is Morgana Celeste's most ambitious show to date and we look forward to sharing it with you as part of Craft Contemporary festival. 

Online pre-sales for this exhibition open on Tuesday 28th September at 6pm on this page.

In the meantime, you can find out more about the exhibition here, or read our Q&A with Morgana Celeste about her creative journey and inspiration behind 'Things That Keep Me Up At Night'.

Tuesday 28th September at 6pm on this page

Exhibition Dates
Friday 1st October - Friday 15th October
Le Space, 1 Mater st, Collingwood 3066
(Appointments will be available pending restrictions)

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