‘Memory Palace’ by Morgana Celeste - Viewing Room

pépite presents ‘Memory Palace’, an exhibition by Melbourne-based emerging artist Morgana Celeste.

Following a first sellout show in May this year, ‘Memory Palace’ is the artist's second solo exhibition, entirely created under lockdown in Melbourne as an escape from reality. It symbolises a journey into the artist’s stored memories of delightful moments, sensations and enchanting places.

‘These works were completed under lockdown, while I was trying to find things that made me happy – that hour of sunshine in winter really nourished me and held me together so I’ve focused on that
a lot across these works. They became a way for me to take little trips away in my mind, to places that I would like to visit or moments in time that I remember and enjoyed. They are small reminders to continue revelling in everyday delights - jumping into waterholes, visiting art museums, savouring sweets treats, being out in nature, and seeing the seasons change and grow.
Stuck inside but travelling in my mind.’ Morgana Celeste

Created using an unconventional mix of materials such as paper pulp, fine cement and high quality acrylic paint, each piece draws attention to the medium’s tactile quality and surprising beauty, rendered unrecognisable from its original form and intended use.
The hand worked nature of every piece aims to encourage a tactile response in the viewer. Once fluid and malleable, the hardened surface preserves a physical memory of the maker’s hands as well as the feelings and visual stimuli present at the moment of creation.

For any enquiries please email hello@pepite.com.au