'Get It Off Your Chest (And Let It Go)' by Morgana Celeste

morgana celeste

A key piece in Morgana Celeste's exhibition 'Things That Keep Me Up At Night', 'Get It Off Your Chest (And Let It Go)' is an interactive sculpture that was created  to let go of awkward memories or embarrassments by writing them down and posting them into this Confessions Box.

We invite you to share some of your own cringeworthy 'baggage' that may be keeping you up at night by submitting them anonymously in the box below.

Each submission will be written down and placed inside the Confessions Box. Towards the end of the exhibition the submissions will be shared and read out loud to emphasise the fact that embarrassment is a universal emotion and that 'you're not alone'. 

Ultimately, Morgana's intention is to collect all the physical notes and individually pulp everyone's anecdotes - each message will then become a part of a new 'Reassurance' piece. 

'Some things are so small – too insignificant to say out loud but just large enough to hold onto forever. 
I think to myself -
I definitely should have waited for you to sit down before I ate your pizza” or that time you were getting a compliment for being helpful and I blurted out “What about me? I’m helpful too” and everyone went quiet at the table. I actually don’t know why I said that, it just came out, I didn’t even feel that strongly about it. 
Or every single time I think I'm "too much" after a dinner party.

I think writing down the silly embarrassments we feel can externalise them making it easier to let go. If enough people share their cringeworthy secrets (anonymously if they want) then we can laugh it off all together. 
I also love the idea that the 'Get It Off Your Chest' box might end up in someone's home where it will continue being used as a private box to store and release unneeded memories. “Bye bye embarrassing memory, I’m willing to let go of you now”.' - Morgana Celeste

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Morgana celeste
morgana celeste