About The Artist

ANNA GLEESON is an Australian artist now based in New-York. Anna creates contemporary ceramic sculptures using traditional hand-building techniques which she manipulates in order to distort the expected aesthetic of a vessel, creating playful and intriguing sculptures. 
'My ceramics practice is in conversation with a vessel tradition and aiming to complicate and extend that tradition. Using eccentric and invented techniques I push materials beyond what I know will work and into some kind of failure. I deliberately set up new ways of working with that mess and complicate an existing mode of making. I'm curious to see how it will fail; what that failure might look like or evoke. Working this way feels connected to some of my earliest childhood memories of making - not being as good at it as I would like, not having the right kind of glue or skills and being anyway completely absorbed in the attempt; pulled chiefly by curiosity.' - Anna Gleeson.