'Window Shopper' By Mathieu Frossard

'Window Shopper' By Mathieu Frossard

Mathieu Frossard ceramics sculpture

'Window Shopper' by Mathieu Frossard

Introducing pépite's new window show by French artist Mathieu Frossard. With this body of work, Mathieu has not only created an impressive series of sculptures but is also presenting an intriguing collection of artworks that are infused with meaning and open to a variety of interpretations.

We're very excited to be sharing this collection of works with you as this will be Mathieu's first show in Australia, with all pieces being exclusive to pépite.

About The Artist

Mathieu Frossard is a French artist and designer who recently spent a year in Melbourne developing a new body of work. His work stands somewhere between art, design and craft and resembles a collage of aesthetic references, shapes and materials. Simultaneously attractive and repulsive, precise and chaotic, he composes with different visual references from several backgrounds, questioning diverse aspects of contemporary creation like “good taste”, beauty, or function.

Giving the viewers visual references they can grasp and interpret as their own, Mathieu does not consider himself as the sole truth-teller about his work. He gives clues, so they can build upon them to interpret what they see, ultimately remaining free to write their own scenario.

Materials and Process

Mathieu developed and created this collection of ceramic sculptures over a series of months using a variety of hand building and decorating techniques, combining his design background with his fine art practice.
Mathieu’s creative approach is extremely meticulous and considered – from hand building metres of ceramic chains link by link, to hand-cutting individual letters from clay to embellish his medals, every single element has been given the same attention to detail and forms an essential part of the entire story.

“Mindfulness Vases” were handmade using a coiling technique and finished with a matte underglaze applied in a gradient design. The vases are adorned with hand-built raw stoneware chains, slip cast porcelain artifacts and ceramic medals decorated with hand-cut lettering.

The two “Mindfulness Plates” were hand-built using a coiling technique and embellished with ceramic chains, hand modeled artifacts and a mix of underglaze, glaze, or acrylic paint.

“Bonds Plates” are stoneware clay plates embellished with original illustrations in cobalt blue, hand drawn directly onto the plate and finished with a layer of glossy transparent glaze.

The result is an astonishing series of completely unique statement pieces with subtle and unexpected details that add depth and meaning to the overall artwork.

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For any questions or purchasing enquiries about Mathieu's work please email Irina at hello@pepite.com.au