Window Series - 'Tall Boy' by Tantri Mustika

Window Series - 'Tall Boy' by Tantri Mustika

Contemporary ceramics by Melbourne ceramicist Tantri Mustika

Contemporary ceramics by Melbourne ceramicist Tantri Mustika

Photography by Bri Hammond

'Tall Boy' by Tantri Mustika

pépite's Window Series continue with this new show by Tantri Mustika. All the pieces are part of a new body of work by Tantri and are all available for sale. 

About the Artist

Tantri Mustika is a Preston-based ceramicist who makes a range of light-hearted and colourful hand built ceramics. Her current collection of work incorporates a modern spin on traditional terrazzo tiling, applying it to bespoke functional forms making terrazzo adaptable to everyday objects. 

Tantri is currently creating works in small batches and the techniques and processes she uses allow for each piece to be completely unique in its pattern and colour meaning that no two pieces are ever the same. With the works in this window show, Tantri has pushed her boundaries of scale and explored applying different combinations of her terrazzo inlays to new intricate shapes.

Materials and Process

All works in this show are handbuilt using a slab building technique and include a combination of stoneware clays, stains, oxides and lustres. Tantri’s making process includes designing different colour and texture combinations for her terrazzo inlays, applying them to rolled out slabs of clay, constructing and joining the desired shapes, glazing and applying touches of lustre before a third firing.

Tantri's show will be on display in pépite's window until Sunday 27th May.

For a copy of the price list or for other enquiries please email