Window Series - 'Strawberry And Banana' by Kirsten Perry

Introducing pépite's Window Series

Contemporary ceramics by Melbourne ceramicist Kirsten Perry

Contemporary ceramics by Melbourne ceramicist Kirsten Perry

'Strawberry And Banana' by Kirsten Perry

17th April to 6th May

pépite’s Window Series is a year-long programme showcasing new work from local creatives - every 3 weeks a new artist will take over the shop's window with a unique series of pieces made especially for the space.

The idea behind this project is to provide a blank canvas for a number of local creatives to have fun with whilst also creating an inclusive and casual way for people to admire contemporary handmade pieces at all times of the day (and night!). The aim is to support Australian creatives by making local art, craft and design accessible to as many people as possible and for the artists to also benefit from this exposure. 

'Strawberry And Banana' - About the Artist
Kirsten Perry has a background in Industrial Design, Fine Art (Gold & Silversmithing) and Multimedia. She works primarily with a slipcasting technique from moulds she cast using various textural materials. Kirsten’s making process is very organic - she aims to set up a framework of playing with the material that allows for an element of chance and serendipity to enter. 

All the works in the ‘Strawberry And Banana’ series combine multiple stoneware pieces originally cast from polystyrene, foam or cardboard. They have been joined together into their final form, fired to midfire with midfire glaze in Kirsten’s home studio, followed by another firing at a lower temperature with a new glaze formula. All glazes used are Kirsten’s own recipes. 

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