'Vessel' by Simone Karras

Contemporary ceramics handmade by Melbourne ceramicist Simone Karras

Contemporary ceramics handmade by Melbourne ceramicist Simone Karras


'Vessel' by Simone Karras

Introducing pépite's new window show by Melbourne-based ceramicist Simone Karras. ’Vessel’ is a magnificent installation of striking statement pieces handmade by Simone Karras using a coiling technique.

All the pieces are exclusive to pépite as Simone will be exhibiting her work for the very first time since recently returning to her ceramics practice - we're confident she's a talent to watch!

About The Artist

Simone Karras is a Melbourne-based ceramicist whose practice explores form and texture within a minimalist aesthetic. Her work consistently features rich textures, strong silhouettes and generous curves that contrast with sharper angles. Simone is particularly attracted to handbuilding techniques in her work such as coiling for its tactile and organic process, allowing her to take on a fluid approach when creating.

Simone is currently exploring making large sculptures to push the boundaries of scale in traditional vessels, creating striking statement pieces and keepsakes for the home.

Materials and Process

This body of work has been made using a coiling technique allowing each piece to feature a natural curve as it takes shape organically.

For this series Simone has worked with a range of stoneware clays to create textural vessels which she glazed on the inside for functionality whilst maintaining the outside surface raw to preserve the natural texture of the clay and highlight its matte finish.

Each piece was created and fired in Simone’s home studio.

Click here for a copy of the price list.

For any questions or purchasing enquiries about Simone's work please email Irina at hello@pepite.com.au

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