'Solaris' by Vivienne La

'Solaris' by Vivienne La

Introducing pépite's new window show by Melbourne artist Vivienne La. ’Solaris’ is a stunning installation of sculptural ceramic vases set in their own scene and created by Vivienne with a focus on rich textures and mesmerising surfaces. 

About The Artist

Vivienne La is a Melbourne-based freelance designer and artist whose practice explores the intersection of the handmade and the virtual. 
By allowing her responses with image, moving image and sculpture inform one another, her work is interested in pathways connecting art, design and the transmission of cultural ideas.

Materials and Process

This sculptural series draws from an interest in alien habitats, imagining the rocky terrain in archaeological sites coinciding with alien architecture and foreign organic matter.
By digitally constructing each sculpture using building information modelling software, each piece’s 3D information was unrolled and transferred to clay, with a combination of wheel thrown, hand built and slab formed elements.
Through rigorous testing and research, a unique combination of clay blends and homemade glazes were created to imitate natural, architectural and alien textures, with some pieces airbrushed to create shimmering effects that change colour depending on viewing angle.

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For any questions or purchasing enquiries about Vivienne's work please email Irina at hello@pepite.com.au

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