'Dreamscape' by Grace Brown

'Dreamscape' by Grace Brown

Introducing pépite's new window show by Melbourne ceramicist Grace Brown of Oh Hey Grace. ‘Dreamscape’ is an incredible installation composed of multiple miniature ceramic cities and structures that interlock together to form a large imaginary landscape. 

About the Artist

Grace Brown is a Melbourne-based ceramicist with a background in Fashion Design and Visual Arts. After years of working in various fashion houses, Grace is now exploring her own ceramic art practice under the name ‘Oh Hey Grace’ through creating highly sculptural but also functional pieces for the home. Grace is heavily influenced by architectural forms and creates miniature utopian cityscapes with labyrinth-like buildings featuring layers of geometric stairwells, sharp lines, smooth domes, winding thoroughfares and archways. Through using a combination of deconstructed wheel-thrown pieces alongside hand building techniques, her surreal dreamscapes are energetic and lively, paying homage to the Bauhaus and Memphis design movements through strong geometry, symmetry, contrasting curved and often playful forms with rigid sharp lines.

Materials and Process

‘Dreamscape’ is inspired by a series of architectural forms from across the world both real and imagined. Many of the pieces are a product of dreams; representing shapes, forms, unexplored places and take form naturally from stacking, slicing, and building clay into structures.
This body of work has been crafted using mid fire clay through a combination of deconstructed wheel-thrown pieces alongside hand building techniques to create a series of sculptural miniature cities, finished with minimal white and crawl glazes. Each piece is created over a series of weeks and no two cityscapes are the same making each creation an individual world of its own.


Click here for a copy of the price list.

For any other enquiries about Grace's work please email hello@pepite.com.au

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